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Connect Ads is one of the leading digital media houses and advertising solutions providers in EMEA; a multinational company operating in 15 markets through 9 on-ground teams. Dynamic and passionate, we have been leading the digital media industry in the region since 2001. Connect Ads is a subsidiary of Aleph Group, a leading global enabler of digital advertising in emerging markets.

When the biggest names in the digital industry decide to access the region, they always choose Connect Ads. We have kick-started and developed the digital advertising business for global tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Spotify, LinkedIn, Shazam, TikTok, Speakol, Huawei Ads, Criteo and many more. Today, we continue to be the partner of choice for more than 23 digital media, AdTech and big data giants.

Connect Ads utilizes the latest in digital advertising technologies with exclusive media and tech partnerships to offer comprehensive 360-degree solutions covering all buying models and formats. Connect Ads is currently serving more than 2500 brands and advertisers annually.

We believe that when people do business, they do it with people they trust! We are transparent, we are true partners, and we take pride in our integrity, impeccable business ethics and great reputation in the markets we operate in.

We are the pioneers, the trendsetters and thought leaders of digital media and digital advertising in the region. We believe in knowledge transfer and education, and we are keen on this with both our partners and clients.