Digital Turbine Chooses Connect Ads by Aleph as its Exclusive Partner in MENA

Jul 2023

Connect Ads by Aleph, one of the top digital media houses and advertising solutions providers in MENA, and Digital Turbine, Inc. (Nasdaq: APPS), the company that connects the mobile ecosystem through innovative experiences, today announced an exclusive partnership to bring best-in-class mobile advertising solutions to leading agencies and brands in the MENA region. As part of the partnership, Connect Ads by Aleph will be exclusively responsible for all advertising sales and account management in the region on behalf of Digital Turbine (DT).

Connect Ads has been a leader in the region’s digital media industry since 2001 and is a subsidiary of Aleph Group, a leading global enabler of digital advertising, connecting thousands of advertisers in 130+ emerging markets with the world’s leading digital platforms.

As part of the cooperation, Connect Ads by Aleph will help clients in the region tap into the opportunities of rewarded video advertising in mobile games, in which DT is one of the largest global players. In addition to a wide variety of ad formats, advertisers will be able to harness DT’s advanced solutions to increase engagement, attention, and results-driving their brand even further. Unique capabilities like DT’s Dynamic End Card with which you can create solutions for immersive, mobile-first experiences with full- screen interactive executions to give users a chance to explore what brands are offering more after they watch the ad until completion and interactive in-video experience which offers powerful graphic technologies and interactive video ad experiences to your audiences by giving an opportunity to them to interact with the ad itself while watching it is highly accepted by mobile gamers and are considered to be non-intrusive and even enhance the gaming experience.

When the biggest names in the digital industry decide to access the region, they always choose Connect Ads. Connect Ads has kick-started and developed the digital advertising business for global tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Spotify, LinkedIn, Shazam, TikTok, Speakol, Huawei Ads, Criteo, and many more. Today, Connect Ads by Aleph is the partner of choice for more than 24+ digital media, AdTech, and big data giants.

​​“Our vision and strategy are always to bring value to our region for the users as well as advertisers and brands. We are glad to have won the trust of yet another world-class platform. Digital Turbine is simply a great platform, its technology accelerates mobile growth and consumer engagement. Digital Turbine supercharges awareness, acquisition, and monetization — connecting brands to more consumers, in more ways, across more devices.” said Mohamed El-Mehairy, Group CEO, of Connect Ads by Aleph.

Advertising activities supplied by Connect Ads are fully measurable in terms of effectiveness. Digital Turbine’s advertising platform is integrated with all the leading measurement partners, including Moat, DV, and IAS. In addition, DT is a leader in attention results, having cooperated with Lumen, Amplified Intelligence, Nielsen, and Kantar on a number of studies that show DT’s ads grab attention, outperforming its peers by over 10X (on average).

Capture your targeted audiences’ attention with DT Creatives

DT’s video ads do not only grab users' attention - they also hold it for the longest time. In a study with attention measurement leader Amplified Intelligence, DT ads outperformed its peers by over 10X (on average) in terms of attention. On average, viewers actively pay attention to DT ads for a combined 22 seconds, compared to just 1.6 seconds for mobile web video ads and 2.5 seconds for social video ads. And while grabbing and holding user attention can already boost a brand's ability to get to users and resonate with them, DT's ad experience also makes use of a feature that gives its ads an attention boost with the use of the dynamic end-card format. These findings demonstrate DT's success in capturing user attention and engaging audiences, maximizing the use of full-screen video and audio. DT’s award- winning Creative Lab can create from scratch or optimize existing creative to leverage the power of sight, sound, and motion on mobile devices. For DT what matters the most is serving a video ad experience as it was produced to be experienced.

The deal with the users: watch ads for extra lives and in-game content

The company takes great care of the quality of campaigns. That is why it is constantly expanding anti- fraud systems. In addition, the publishers joining the platform are subjected to rigorous selection. This meets the needs of advertisers in the field of brand safety. Digital Turbine also has advanced capabilities for data analysis. Having direct integration through the SDK with applications allows for conducting behavioral research of players. This enables precise targeting of real users. As a result, the message is always adapted to the age of the recipients and contextually placed in a brand-safe environment.

“Digital Turbine has a lot of experience, a broad range of proprietary and creative solutions as well as a highly qualified team of experts. For more than half a decade, we have been creating great campaigns thanks to the creative mobile solutions we have provided with the trust of the brands and agencies in the MENA region. After the change in our organizational structure in the MENA region, we used this transition period to solidify the new strategies we wanted to create for our clients and partners. Having completed the transition period, Digital Turbine will continue to provide all the business partnerships it has provided to all business partners for years, together with Connect Ads by Aleph, the most powerful name in the region. So as part of the cooperation, we will support Connect Ads in developing effective strategies to reach users of mobile games. We will also help in creating graphic materials and choosing places to broadcast, as well as campaign optimization & reporting as well as adding value to brands and mobile devices by joining forces with Connect Ads. ” stated Aslı Bilge, Digital Turbine’s Director of Partnerships and Sales Operations EMEA & LATAM.

Mehairy also added: "The targeting options are also exciting: With the in-app videos it is possible to target groups such as gamers, techies, young mothers, students, sports enthusiasts, car enthusiasts, household owners, or mobile phone online shoppers. Regardless of the segmentation of users into sub-target groups, Connect Ads, and Digital Turbine offers additional targeting options: such as geo-targeting, device and operating system targeting, weather targeting, day/night targeting, and re-targeting. The option to use a so-called ‘Dynamic End Card’ after the video, significantly increases the interaction rate of the user already in "gaming mode".